Life Inspired For Transsexuals Foundation (LIFT)


Criteria for LIFT Foundation Scholarships and Educational Subsidy for the Academic Year 2019

To promote the ability of transgender people for essential education and skills acquisition, Life Inspired For Transsexuals Foundation (the “Foundation”) is providing a scholarship and educational subsidy program.
This program is to be funded by donation from the public.
This program’s objective is the fair distribution of scholarship opportunity among transgender people. It is the Foundation’s vision that the program will enable disadvantaged transgender individuals to learn valuable life skills, occupational proficiency, and good morals, thereby enabling them to become useful citizens that contribute to society.
This program seeks to establish an honest and fair selection process in compliance with our objectives. Interested candidates must fulfill the following criteria:

LIFT Foundation Scholarships and Educational Subsidy Program Qualifying Criteria

1) Scholarship Selection:
This scholarship will be given only to transgendered individuals.
The award and the revocation of the scholarship shall be decided solely and ultimately by the Foundation’s Committee.
Individuals who have been awarded the scholarship are immediately disqualified from being a candidate for a second time.

2) Candidate Qualification
2.1) Transgendered individuals must have medical documents from a government-owned hospital proving that the candidate has completed, or is undergoing Gender Reassignment Surgery
2.2) Is a Thai national.
2.3) Must be 15 years old or older
2.4) Be well-mannered, responsible, having proper attitude, healthy, free from all vices and narcotics
2.5) Never applied for the scholarship before or have applied but was not selected by the Foundation’s Committee in the previous process
2.6) Have never been awarded any scholarship of the same nature from other organizations/individuals
2.7) Not be an insolvent person and/or have been sentenced by a final judgement to imprisonment except in case of negligence or misdemeanor

3) Steps and Documents for Application
3.1) Fill in the expertise development scholarship application form, available at the Life Inspired For Transsexuals Foundation or on the Foundation’s website at
3.2) 1 Color photo, front view, with the size of 4 x 6-centimeter (1-inch photo) taken no longer than 6-month prior to the application
3.3) 1 Color photo, full body, postcard size taken no longer than 6-month prior to the application
3.4) 1 copy of identification card.
3.5) 1 copy of house registration.
3.6) Medical certificate from a government-owned hospital proving that the candidate has completed Gender Reassignment Surgery.
3.7) An essay on one of the following topics with a limit of not over an A4 paper page.
        –     Everything is possible
        –     Empowering your human power
        –     Think outside the box
3.8) Additional documents for selection which candidates wish to submit to the Committee (if any)

4) The Selection Process
4.1) First round-The Foundation will determine candidate qualification from the documents submitted under item 3. The candidate with matching qualification will be contacted for further interview session with the Committee
4.2) Second Round-The Committee will have a verbal interview session with each candidate and further determine the qualification
4.3) The Foundation will announce the list of successful candidates for expertise development scholarship and the date of the scholarship ceremony on the Foundation’s website
4.4) The Committee’s selection of the successful candidate is absolute

5) Conditions and Obligation of Successful Candidates
5.1) Each successful candidate has to present themselves at the Foundation within the date which will be announced on the Foundation’s website. If any candidate fails to present themselves, they will be deemed as having waived their right to the scholarship
5.2) Each successful candidate has to hand in, to the Foundation, the report of how the scholarship will be used to develop their expertise and attach any relevant receipt as proof of the spending. The candidate has to hand in such report and receipts to the Foundation within 3 months after receiving the scholarship money.
5.3) Each successful candidate has to attend the Foundation’s activities at least 2 times a year.
5.4) If the successful candidate fails to comply with item 5.1 to item 5.3, and/or intentionally hide their data and/or provide false information in the way that they would not have been awarded the scholarship. The Committee reserves the right to revoke the scholarship and demand the candidate return the scholarship money to the Foundation.