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Life Inspired For Transsexuals Foundation (LIFT)


The transgender community in Thailand is widely overlooked and constantly at a social disadvantage. It also represents a very large gap in Thai society in gender equality. Registered as non-profit charity in Aug 14 ,2018 , Life Inspired For Transgender (LIFT) Foundation’s vision is for a society where there is true gender equality, where men and women regardless of the gender they are born with, have equal opportunities in education, marriage and employment in Thailand. The foundation’s mission is to strongly promote understanding, acceptance and to assimilate transgenders into Thai society. To achieve this, LIFT Foundation will raise fund for scholarships and educational support for essential life skills, enabling transgenders to fulfil meaningful life goals. To that end, LIFT Foundation is a non-political organisation dedicated to tirelessly achieve its mission for an inclusive society with a wholistic transformative life programs for transgenders to develop their full potential, overcome social obstacles and live meaningful and sustainable professions that will bring fulfilment for themselves and as valuable citizens of Thailand.

Steadfast in the quest for gender equality, LIFT Foundation pledges to push for legislative change to allow transgenders to change their gender titles according to their physical status after gender reassignment surgery. Currently, despite being one of the most accepting countries for the LGBT community, Thailand’s laws still do not reflect the openness of Thai culture. In order to promote true gender equality and honour the concept that all human beings should have the same rights and privileges, Thai’s legislation must be amended to keep up with today’s society, and ensures that all legal documentation legitimise and correctly reflects a citizen’s physical gender. Legislative change will only pave the way for society to look past someone’s physical appearance, doing away with the “judging a book by its cover” mentality and creating new, better social norms.

About Life Inspired For Transexuals Foundation (LIFT)

Life Inspired for Transsexuals Foundation (LIFT) is a non-profit foundation registered in August 14, 2018. LIFT Foundation believes in equality for women and men, regardless of their gender at birth to have equal opportunities in education, marriage and employment and be accorded all civil rights in Thailand. We are dedicated to remove all gender-based barriers to allow transgenders in the Kingdom to develop their potential to the fullest and realize their personal visions and hopes. We do this in the following ways:

  • Advocating greater understanding, de-stigmatization and acceptance of transgenders in Thailand.
  • Push to legalize the change of gender titles to match the physical status after sex reassignment surgery.
  • Education and training for transgender to pursue a more meaningful and fulfilling professions that will contribute to the good of Thai Society, including funding of scholarships and educational support for essential life skills.

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